14 May 2015

Champagne Réserve

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Blend presentation

Réserve is an elite 4 year aged 100% first press Brut champagne blend. It contains 50% chardonnay, 35% pinot noir and 15% pinot meunier, with reserve wines reaching up to a 30% margin in this blend, bringing great consistency over the years.

As an elite brand, we allow a lot of time to age so it reaches its full expression. It’s after more than four years of horizontal bottle aging in our cellars that this blend, mature, reveals all its qualities: long finish, fresh brioche quality and grapefruit notes.

Michelin stared restaurants in Algarve and in Alentejo (Portugal) serve our Réserve. Has been ranked by French
wine guide Dussert-Gerber 2017 as “Second Top Wine Class – Priority to Elegancy”, com “satisfecit”.

Sceau Champagne de Vigneron

Champagne Barbier-Roze Brut Réserve

Champagne Barbier-Roze Brut Réserve