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Cuvée Charles

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Blend Presentation

It is a Brut cuvée champagne, meaning from first press must. A prestige cuvée which we bring lots of care on the blend:  50% chardonnay, 50% pinot noir, all from Montage de Reims Premier and Grand Crus. Solera Reserve wines, about 20%,  of the blend, and ageing of at least 6 years bring consistency over the years and a great complexity. It’s a gastronomic exceptional wine staged by its special bottle.

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Note: Non-contractual photo.

Buy 5 bottles and receive a case o 6 bottles selecting the packaging by case.

Note: Non-contractual photo.

Empreinte CaveBarbier-Roze Prestige Cuvée Charles

100% Prestige Cuvée in special bottle
Blend 50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir, 20% Solera Reserve wines
6 years aging minimum
Brut dosage

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 36 × 31 × 22 cm

75 cl


V.A.T. included


Bottle (up to 2), Case of 3 (1 case max), Case of 6