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Verzenay: An exceptional vineyard

Verzenay is one of the three Grand Cru villages of the first champagne classification of 1873, which today has seventeen. Our vines are located in Verzenay and Verzy. Both villages are Classified Grand Cru in the Grande Montagne de Reims viticultural region and are famous for the outstanding quality of their “Pinot Noir” grapes. Approximately one third of the vineyards are planted with “Chardonnay” grapes, the other noble grape for champagne.

Top quality champagne is obtained by working the vines with respect to the vines and soil, as well as precision and expertise. With this goal, we are currently adopting sustainable viticulture: productivity of the vineyards is kept at its lowest acceptable level to prioritize maturation of the grapes and chemicals are only used when absolutely necessary: insecticides, herbicides and anti-grey molds are not used anyfurther. Our house owns two environmental certifications (read here)

Champagne Barbier-Roze Vendanges 1912
Harvest 1912 – House Charles Barbier-Roze